universal heart

Universal Heart is a collection of beautiful heart images found in our natural surroundings. A collaboration of over 40 people and 10 different countries.

Marianne has been seeing and taking pictures of hearts in nature for years. One day, she posted a picture on facebook and a school friend posted one in response. He too was seeing hearts everywhere...

This led to the idea of running a global competition and creating a book. This is the full collection.

Two fantastic Photographers were appointed as jury’s to select the winning image. Matt Stewart www.mattstuart.com and Matt Linden www.mattlinden.co.uk

The winner of the competition is Daniel Saxer with the beautiful 'Bulle de Savon' taken in Lausanne. Runners up are Justin Goodwin with 'Heart in the clouds' over Denmark and Holly Helt with 'Kokoro' in Nakatsu Japan.

The Universal Heart Book is now on sale
UK £12.99 + PP
Switzerland Frs. 25.- + PP

Universal Heart Postcards
A set of 10 universal heart postcards can be purchased for
UK £8.50 + PP
Switzerland Frs. 15.- + PP

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Bulle de Savon Heart in the clouds Kokoro A heart in the sky A Street Heart A triple heart An Unlikely Heart A Forest Heart A sardinian heart Heart in my cup Golden Heart Tree Heart Yellow Leaf Heart Raise Me Up Bergsee in Ormont-Dessus Detail Love Heart Cloud Heart in the clouds A Puddle Heart The Heart of Mount Kailash Life's a Beach Red Leaf Heart Elastic Heart Le Coeur du Sud Coffee Heart Vine Heart Beach Heart Slug Love Heart Leaf Pebble Heart Chestnut Heart The Heart of Orgiva Light Heart Clay heart on the beach Beach stone Baby Heart Stone Petit Coeur Misty Heart Coeur de Vert Up in the sky Pavement Heart Coeur de Vert 2 Paper Heart Bulle de savon Blackheath Fireworks 2015 'Tokens' by John Aldus' 2009 Brunswick Centre, Foundling Hospital art installation. Forest Stone Heart Forest Heart Heart in the forest Don't put a ceiling on your heart Beach Heart 2 Beach Heart 3 Eva's Heart Il cuore del San Gottardo Heart leaf Tree Heart Coeur Grenadine MÍme les pommes de terre ont un coeur! Coeur fondant Coeur au plancher Light Heart 2 Volcano Heart Road Heart Tree Heart 2 Floating Heart Pele's Heart Reflective Heart Coeur de Bois Coeur d'Ombre Coeur de Roche Wearing your heart on your trunk Kingly Vale Yew Heart Tomato Heart Graffiti heart Puppy face heart Puggle Love Kalani Heart Kokoro Le Coeur de La Petite Pierre Happiness in the mountains New York Heart New York Heart 2 New York Heart 3 New York Heart 4 My puppy's back My puppy left me a message on the carpet! Pavement heart Found my heart in Antigua I am heartlight Tea Heart The Heart of the Tree Love everywhere Love everywhere Love everywhere Heart of Stone Heart (in) darkness Pink beloved Heart in a Watermark Watermelon Heart Underground Heart Paper Heart Purple Heart Pavement Heart Poatato Heart Potato Heart 2 Fischermans Heart Reflective Heart Sacred Heart Patatoes have hearts too Patatoes have hearts too Trees have hearts too Oak Tree Heart The lock of one's heart Birch Tree Heart Blue Roma Experience Glow in the dark  Last Heart of 2015 Stone Heart Seaglass heart.  Made by man shaped by the sea. Another stone heart. Concrete Heart Heart in my cup