Some 10 years ago Marianne and I met when she designed our book Meeting Together. I quickly realised that she was a substantial talent and so engaged her to completely re-design the get2thepoint brand and website.


It stayed fresh for many years until last summer I decided that the brand had been overtaken by changes in me and the way I work.


I could not imagine working with any other designer. Marianne has a unique and special talent for deep listening and really understanding what I need, often before I can quite understand it myself. She then manages to present that in a way that visually expresses who I am and what I stand for.


As we work together I see my aspirations appearing before my eyes. After enriching and enjoyable conversations we landed with a refreshed brand and website design which I know will last many years.


Marianne has again helped me to find a professional way of expressing my heart and soul. Hartley and Soul indeed.

Martin Farrell

Founder get2thepoint
International Mentor and Facilitator

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