Iím delighted with the project that Marianne has delivered. The quality of the work is outstanding, and Iíve received many compliments about both the branding and the website.

Marianne has quite an interesting process Ė the first formal meeting is a discovery session which is an all-day meeting. Itís a high-energy day that involves brainstorming, walking/talking and thrashing out ideas until you have complete clarity about your idea and brand values. There was no time limit, we finished when we finished. My business was an entirely new concept, and I wasnít clear on many things, but by the end of the day I had much more clarity about what I wanted to do and more importantly, why.

The project completed on time, and Marianne and her team were very responsive; I noticed also that she was still checking the website once we had gone live for tweaks and design imperfections that required correcting!

Iím confident that I have a strong brand, one that I am proud to show off, and that will allow me to attract the type of clients, partners and media outlets that I want to engage with.

Leanne Spencer
The Rise Method
Fitness Entrepreneur & Burnout Coach

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