Marianne was a delight to work with. She explored in depth what I was trying to achieve as a business and how I wanted the design of the brand and the brochures to reflect my intentions and values.

She somehow got inside my head and gave visual expression to the ideas behind my business, somehow her designs connected me to what I was passionate about – instantly.

I mean how often does a design provoke an instant emotional reaction like that? I had never worked with a designer who could do that before. Nobody takes one of my business cards and puts it away without looking at it and saying wow – what’s that about?

As for the brochure – everybody loves it. One senior executive had to sign off the participation of one of his teams on one of my programmes. He stroked the outside of the brochure (it’s a very special tactile material) and said “if that’s the quality of what you produce I’m on board” and signed the contract without even looking inside.

Mike Harris
Iconic Shift
Creator of First Direct and Egg
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