Marianne made the experience of creating my design both memorable and pleasurable. From the first brand Alignment day and throughout all of our meetings, she was genuinely interested in what I thought and what I wanted to communicate. Her highly positive and creative approach gave me confidence that the final design would reflect my skills, knowledge and experience accurately.

The process was developmental, exploratory and not rushed, as Marianne created space to reflect and consider many options. She helped me clarify and understand the process of creating a brand and gave me confidence to do this. She was also very patient when I had moments of indecision and insecurity and accommodated last minute feedback and thoughts with good grace.

The final design is genuinely tailor made for me, and is not based on an off the shelf, one size fits all design. As a consequence, I believe Marianne's design helps me to communicate effectively and confidently, who I am and what I offer.

Denise Morton
Transforming People & Organisations

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