Welcome to Hartley & Soul

Hi Im Marianne, founder of Hartley & Soul branding agency. We create irresistible brands that capture all of your senses and leave you feeling connected to your heart.

We only work with business leaders who are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

The challenge businesses face today is achieving stand out in a noisy and crowded marketplace. Being brilliant at what you do is no longer enough, and not having stand-out is costly and prevents you from successfully attracting your ideal clients.

By aligning your brand with your heart a deep healing process occurs that enables you and your business to thrive. This creates an emotional connection with your target audience that attracts the right clients and employees to you.

The key benefits of having an iconic brand are

Achieving stand out
Being memorable
Creating brand loyalty

Our design methodology is based on natural shapes found in nature. These shapes, sometimes referred to as sacred geometry or the golden means, are in total alignment with our human proportions. When these proportions are used and implemented, be it in architecture, art or design, everything looks and feels right and gives you a sense of ease and flow.

We call this healing design. If you are a visionary business leader and want an iconic brand that connects at a heart level and goes beyond who you are and what you do, I'd love to speak to you!

You can reach me on the email below:

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